The Fessenden Flier

A New Breakthrough in Radio Analytics

Naples Drone Solutions' initial product offering, the Fessenden Flier is a self contained FM and Cellular monitoring hardware and software solution. The self contained unit can be attached to any drone and collect vital signal data and plot it in 2D or even 3D, a first in radio analysis.

Named after one of the key innovators of radio, the Fessenden Flier represents a leap forward in aerial radio analytics and data collection. On top of being one of the first documented occasions of radio data being collected using drones, with a first flight dating April 2017, we are the first company to design a web interface and post processing solution to make collected data easy to digest.

A sample pageview from an early prototype of the Fessenden 3D interaction page. The orbs are individual cell readings in dba and are color coded to strength levels. This model was a proof of concept and the signal strength is fictitious, which is why the data appears sporadic. Antenna analysis at a glance with detailed information a click away!